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  • SIX professionally recorded and produced, on-location podcast episodes to use whenever you need them. Use them to promote an event you’re having, announce new products or services, introduce your clients to your amazing team, or share your experience and expertise and establish yourself as an authority in your space. You can even use one to support your favorite nonprofit through our sister brand NONPOD
  • DISTRIBUTION on Apple, Android and Windows in all the hottest places. Your episodes will be available for download or streaming on any device on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and more!
  • A bite-sized, ridiculously shareable link with each episode for you to share out in your newsletter, on your website, on your Facebook page or anywhere else your listeners are!
  • Custom crafted, professional VIDEO snippets and show notes for each episode for maximum visibility on video and social platforms!
  • Unmatched 24/7/365 technical support. Your podcast will be FULLY-MANAGED and ZERO-MAINTENANCE from start to finish. NO ONE in your organization will ever lift a finger. We handle absolutely everything.

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